SPARKLER ® is a device that neutralises and adds scent to large volumes. It neutralises malodorous compounds in the air, creating at the same time an atmosphere by the diffusion of discrete smells.

It is presented as a vent stack with a dynamic ventilation with 5 speeds.
It can undergo a serial operation by a programmer.

Adjustment of olfactive intensity.
Weak consumption.
High remanence treatment (approximately 2 months).
Economical and high performance.
Discrete and aesthetical.
Effective on a surface of up to 100 sqm (328 sqft).


SPARKLER ® is adapted to all applications that require neutralisation of bad smells in public places, and it offers greater olfactive comfort by the diffusion of a slight olfactive signature (casinos, travelling agencies conference halls, fairs and exhibitions, shops, events, public places, hospitals, cloakrooms, sports halls, spas, etc…)

Active products
SPARKLER ® presents a pallet of olfactive signatures associated with smell inhibitors belonging to the series DIFFUSEO Polymerised Gel Plates and Agglomerated Granules.

Design : WELL DONE