The polymeres used are TORREX and BIOTORREX (Biofragmentable and Bio-source).

BIOTORREX is a natural biodegradable resin with a particular property to absorb volatile materials (essence oil, perfume, alcohol, solvent, etc...)

BIOTORREX is a Polyester resin made from milk, fruits, citrus, proteins. It is a food polymer in perfect harmony with the environment.

BIOTORREX decomposes in anaerobiosis (by micro-organisms) and humidity. This will probably take from a few days to more than a year. Its natural opaque white hue is easily coloured. BIOTORREX is a patented mixture.

From the drawings or product plans, the creation of tools is necessary for the production of the components. The latter are created using the thermoplastic moulding method. Several colours are possible according to our standard or specific hues according to a PANTONE reference.


Design : WELL DONE